High Castle
"...readers will need a deep breath before taking this exciting ride of bullet-laden action."
Kirkus reviews

“Suspenseful, action packed and engaging, Phoenix Project is a high-octane thriller that will get a grip on your throat and keep it all the way to the end”
Bill Howard for Readers’ favorite reviews

“If you’re an action adventure fan, this is a must read.”
Paul Johnson for Readers’ favorite reviews


When Lt. Commander Max DuMonde, a US Navy test pilot recovering from injuries on a hospital ship, receives a strange parcel addressed to him from Paris, he doesn’t know what to think. Inside are an unmarked set of keys, a photo album, and strangest of all, news that his father -- previously thought KIA (Killed in action) in Vietnam -- has just died.
With the package in hand, and a lifetime’s worth of questions in need of answering, Max travels to Europe. But the closer Max gets to unraveling the mystery of his family history, he becomes entangled in the end game of an international plot known simply as PHOENIX PROJECT, a secret World War II experiment designed to bring back the purest evil known to man... The Third Reich.
PHOENIX PROJECT is a high-octane action adventure/sci-fi story that will keep the bodies piling, the pages turning and your blood pumping.

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